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Using the Montessori Method, GMS is committed to help each child develop the foundation essential for a lifetime of creative learning, in a nurturing environment. Here are some notes from parents whose kids have benefited from GMS:

My daughter had a great beginning with Grace Montessori starting in preschool and continued on until the 4th grade. She learned life skills along with school work which is something that many schools don't take the time to teach. Students are taught at an accelerated/advanced level and they are expected to perform at a higher level which prepares them for more challenging situations later on in life. I would highly recommend this school.


- Vy Hoang

Grace Montessori School is one of the best decisions I made for my child academically and developmentally. Looking for schools was scary for my 3 year old. Ms. Lynette assured me that my child would be safe and her education would be top priority. After a couple months enrolled now, my child has exceeded every expectation I had. I am so thankful I found this hidden gem! 


- Cynthia Espinosa Rosado

Myself as a Parent, and My Daughter ABSOLUTELY Love Grace Montessori School. The Teachers are Very Caring, and Encouraging. Ms. Lynette, Ms. Brenda, and Ms. Brigete. I don't have a Complaint. My Daughter was Homeschooled by Myself, and is Very Advanced in many aspects. There were some things that I was lacking, and when sending her to GMS for Kindergarten, they allowed her to thrive, while also focusing on my shortcomings with her. I Appreciate them more than they know. I totally wish that I had started her at GMS at 3 years of age instead of 5. They are very Supportive Teachers as well. They teach Independence, and the way I baby My's a tremendous help. The plays are Brilliant. My Daughter has come home telling me about Jesus Christ as well. I know I made the right choice. Sorry for the paragraph, but it was well worth it.

 - Betty Stallings

Great place for learning, very helpful and very understanding with family situations. My son is learning and seems happy. The price is very reasonable, compare this to another private or Christian paced school and you realize how much you save.

- Phillip Doerries

All three teachers are wonderful! I have seen a positive change in my son academically, and socially. He’s learning so much!! This has been a great year!!

- Ippolita Capece

Grace Montessori has the most flexible and understanding scheduling I've ever heard of. They teach children respect and courtesy by treating them as intelligent, learning humans. All three of my kids are better people for having been students. Sadly we had to move away to a different state, but we miss the caring, nurturing environment. The kids were well ahead of their grade level in all subjects, which greatly helped their transition to third and fifth grade. They actually LIKE tests now! Wonderful! Very reasonable prices if you do your homework on tuition for private schools, and ESPECIALLY child centered education like Montessori. 

- Jackie Lazaro

Awesome teachers! My son has attended GMS for three years and I see how resilient and independent he is. Great environment if you’re looking for a Montessori school.

- Cynthia Palencia

Creative, interactive I can see how children learn and develop their skills.

- Judith De La Mora Macias

Ms. Lynette is wonderful. I have 3 children whom I’ve all sent to Grace Montessori and wish I kept my middle son in the school longer.

-Raquel Chavez

I am thankful to have found Grace Montessori for my son. My son entered Grace Montessori at the age of three and graduated from kindergarten at the age of five years old. During his time at Grace Montessori he learned how to read, write, add, subtract, basic multiplication, and positive social skills. I am thankful for my son's learning experiences. He has received a great educational start.

 - Mrs. S. Walker-Brown

From the moment I spoke with Mrs. Lynn August, 2008 on the phone regarding after-school care for my son, I felt a genuine compassion and caring spirit from her. When I brought my son into Grace Montessori School, he immediately made himself at home! All the children are very well behaved and my son (diagnosed with Autism at 19 months old) who is now 6 years old, blends in well with Grace Montessori’s children/staff that is extremely patient and professional. The only thing I wish would change is the acceptance age of children 3-6 years old. I can’t imagine finding another School to send my son other than Grace Montessori... I’m not ready to look for a replacement!


- Sheretta Bolling

I just wanted to take a moment to mention what a wonderful school Grace Montessori is! My daughter attended this school since the age of 3 and has just graduated kindergarten from here in May. The teachers at Grace are fantastic and the Montessori method of teaching is phenomenal. The students learn at their own pace and the teachers make sure that the children learn and grasp each concept before they are moved on to another goal. The parent/teacher communication is exceptional and it felt wonderful to know that my child was in great hands while I worked during the day. My daughter would continuously amaze me by the things she learned, from Spanish to sign language, from math to spelling and writing, as well as reading. I couldn’t believe how fast she learned to read and accomplish other goals. Grace Montessori is more of a family to me than an institution. The parents and teachers all work together towards one common goal – the education and well-being of our children. Thanks to Mrs. Lynette, Ms. Anna & Ms. Ruth for preparing my daughter Brooklyn for her transition into 1st Grade. Grace M. has instilled the importance of learning in my daughter and she strives on her own now to learn more every day. I would recommend this school to any one!!! Thank you so much Grace Montessori!!!!


- Charisse E. Harper

I’m really happy with the program that they have.

-Bamban Jaramillo 

Grace Montessori is an excellent school. My daughter has learned so much while attending this school. It has truly been a rewarding experience for us as parents to watch her development and growth.


- Elonda Scott

It was a real blessing to have my daughter go to Grace Montessori. Because of the Montessori method of teaching, my daughter was able to learn more advanced subjects than what public schools would have available in their curriculum. That’s the great thing about Grace Montessori—individualized teaching, according to each child’s own abilities. Each child learns at his/her own pace. The beauty of it is that the director Lynette Butuyan really cares about the children. I have personally seen her go way above and beyond what a teacher and director is called to do. Her heart is really at the best interest of the children. The program she has for the school not only includes educational things but also social functions that teach the children not only to interact with each other, but to do it respectfully. I would highly recommend Grace Montessori to anyone looking for a preschool/kindergarten level school.


 - Lourdes Norwick


I'am very thankful for Grace Montessori. My daughter started Grace Montessori when she was three and graduated from kindergarten. They have a structure program that includes reading, math, computer skills, and social skills. My daughter graduated from Grace Montessori knowing how to read, add, subtract and with a very good self-esteem. If I had to do it again I would choose over and over again Grace Montessori. My daughter had a wonderful experience at Grace Montessori. Thank you.


 - Miriam Franco



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