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Enrollment Procedures

  1. Observe and tour the facility with your child.

  2. Observe atleast two other schools.

  3. Interview of parents and child.

  4. If getting tuition subsidy from Action for Children, approval is necessary prior to child/children's acceptance.

  5. If wishes to have the child start with us while waiting for the change, tuition must be paid in advance. You will be refunded after we receive Action for Children's payment and the proof of approval.

  6. An $ 90.00 non-refundable registration fee and $70.00 supplies fee should be paid which may be used to reserve space for your child.

  7. If transferring, Student Summary Form should be completed by the former school of the child and submitted to Grace Montessori School.

  8. Registration for Enrollment, Agreements and Consent, Certificate of Child Health Examination Form, Dental Examination Form and Emergency Cards must be completed prior to first day of attendance. Download forms here.

  9. Tuition payment must be paid on the first day of attendance.

  10. Bring the school supplies required for student on first day of school.

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